Rosina Brown
Doulton Assistant Artist

This is a catalogue of work by Doulton artist Rosina Brown.

We have examples of decorative work carried out by Rosina Brown as an assistant to Hannah and her sister Florence Barlow, Edith Kemp, Edith D. Lupton, Elizabeth Sayers, Elizabeth Small, Eliza Simmance and George Tinworth.

Eliza Simmance - an elegant Doulton Lambeth 31cm (12.3in) vase

A delightfully elegant slim Doulton Lambeth vase by the lady who was arguably the most versatile lady designer Doultons ever had...
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Eliza Simmance - a 12.5in (31cm) Doulton Lambeth vase - 217

A very special Doulton Lambeth vase with a very special history...
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A 10.25in (21cm) Doulton Lambeth vase by Eliza Simmance - 46

An early work (pre 1892) by one of the very finest of Doultons designers...
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Doulton Lambeth 10.75in vase by Florence E Barlow and Eliza Simmance

This 10.75in (27cm) Doulton Lambeth stoneware vase is a masterpiece by two of Doultonís greatest designers...
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Eliza Simmance - a 4-piece cruet with silver plated frame and fitments

Cruets are always popular! Cruets by Eliza Simmance are always very popular...
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Hannah Barlow - An 11.5in (28,5cm) Doulton Lambeth ewer - 237

One of a near pair of ewers, that differ only in their decoration...
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Hannah Barlow - An 11.5in (28,5cm) Doulton Lambeth ewer - 235

One of a near pair of ewers, that differ only in their decoration...
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Florence E Barlow - An 8in (19.5cm) Doulton Lambeth lemonade jug

Who thought this was Hannah Barlow?...
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Hannah and Lucy Barlow - a 6.5in (16cm) Doulton Lambeth tyg - 649

This tyg is a rarity and an enigma. The horses are painted on the surface...
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George Tinworth - A Doulton Lambeth pair of 20cm (8in) vases dated 1878

To cover the field of early Doulton collecting, a pair of seaweed Tinworths is an essential...
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A 7in tall Doulton Lambeth biscuit barrel designed by Edith Lupton - 499

A superb quality p‚te-sur-p‚te biscuit barrel in lovely original condition...
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A 7.25in (18cm) Doulton Lambeth vase designed by Frank A Butler - 565

Frank Butler at his best. A bright lively and colourful compact example of Doulton Lambeth...
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A pair of Doulton Lambeth 11.5in (29cm) vases designed by Elizabeth Small

Elizabeth Small was only at Doultonís in Lambeth for a short period...
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Royal Doulton spill vase by Rosina Brown

A very smart 7" (17.5cm) Art Nouveau Royal Doulton spill vase with floral motifs...
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A pair of Doulton Lambeth 10" vases by Eliza Simmance

A fine pair of 10" (25cm) blue, beaded, exuberant vases, dated 1884...
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A 3.25in (8cm) Doulton Lambeth match holder and ash tray

A 3.25in (8cm) Doulton Lambeth combined match stick storage unit and ash tray signed by Rosina Brown in the form of a tambourine and drum.
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A 7.25in Doulton Lambeth bowl by Frank A Butler

This 7.25in (18.5cm) Doulton Lambeth stoneware bowl tests the skill of the potter and decorator...
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An 8.5in (21cm) biscuit barrel designed by Elizabeth Sayers - 138

A very pretty Doulton Lambeth 8.5in (21cm) biscuit barrel by Elizabeth Sayers...
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Royal Doulton Art Nouveau stoneware jardiniere on pedestal by Rosina Brown - 7404

A very rare Royal Doulton 'Natural Foliage Ware' stoneware jardiniere on pedestal...
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Edith D Lupton - an 8in Doulton Lambeth jug

A Doulton Lambeth 8" (20cm) jug by one of the finest designers of the late 19th century...
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