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At present, for relatively little cost, you can buy an item that can be displayed and enjoyed every day, and that will with luck be an ever-appreciating asset.

Doulton needs little introduction as it is a household name. The firm started with salt-glazed items such as drains, and progressed through the 19th Century by making items of increasing complexity and beauty; until in 1902, when the King (Edward VII) permitted the use of the word Royal in the title.

A bowl with gryphons by mark V Marshall A pair of 35cm vases by Hannah Barlow

A tea set by Hannah Barlow (left) and pair of 35cm vases by Hannah Barlow (right)

Of the many types of ceramic made by Doulton and later by Royal Doulton, we offer two types. The earlier is Doulton Lambeth stoneware, dating from the 1870s till 1902 and the later is the Royal Doulton Art Nouveau and Art Deco stoneware which was made during the first decades of the 20th Century.

Art Nouveau  vase by Frank Butler Pair of  vases by Agnes Baigent

Large Art Nouveau vase by Frank Butler (left) and a tea pot, sugar basin and cream jug by Edith Kemp (right)

Doulton Fact File
DOULTON AS GOOD EMPLOYERS - Many of Doulton's ceramic artists worked at Lambeth for over 40 years. The longest serving may have been Winnie Bowstead who worked for 51 years 1896 to 1947.
DOULTON AS TECHNICAL INNOVATORS - In about 1870 Doultons developed a technique for turning the unfired clay on a lathe to produced a ribbed surface or rouletted design. At the Turners Exhibition in 1886, their potters won fourteen of the eighteen prizes that were awarded, for their original designs.
DOULTON ELEVATED TO 'ROYAL' DOULTON - In 1901 the new King Edward VII bestowed on Doulton the Royal Warrant of Appointment in recognition of their excellence. This permitted the use of the word 'Royal' in their title, an honour used without any royal approval by many other companies.
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