Edith D Lupton - an 8in Doulton Lambeth jug

Edith D Lupton - an 8in Doulton Lambeth jug


A Doulton Lambeth 8" (20cm) jug by one of the finest designers of the late 19th century - Edith D Lupton.

This 8" jug has the impressed Doulton Lambeth mark with an included date of 1875, making this a very early piece of decorative Doulton ware. It also has the incised signature of Edith D Lupton, and the monogram of Rosina Brown. The jug is meticulous in its attention to detail. It is covered with incised patterns, and applied floral and hemispherical relief mouldings. Even the handle is covered with detail, and all is done with infinite care.

The jug is in excellent condition, without cracks, chips or crazing. A chip on the spout of the jug has been professionally restored, and is invisible to the naked eye.

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