Hannah and Lucy Barlow - a 6.5in (16cm) Doulton Lambeth tyg - 649

Hannah and Lucy Barlow - a 6.5in (16cm) Doulton Lambeth tyg - 649


This tyg is a rarity and an enigma. The horses are painted on the surface, rather than being in Hannah Barlow’s normal sgraffito technique. It is also signed by Lucy, but apart from the handles there is no sign of any decoration but Hannah’s three horses! This is probably an experimental piece that was never intended for sale, explaining why an item could leave with a chip to the rim.

The 6.5in (16cm) Doulton Lambeth tyg has the Doulton Lambeth impressed mark with the date 1884. It is signed in monogram by Hannah Barlow and numbered 649. It is also signed by Lucy Barlow (and numbered 691) and by assistant, Rosina Brown. The tyg weighs 1209g.

The design on the tyg is applied in a black pigment and not by sgraffito. At some stage after this and before glazing a small chip was made to the top rim. The defect was left to retain the integrity of the piece, as it is an original manufacturing defect.

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