Francis C. Pope
Doulton Artist

This is a catalogue of work by Doulton artist Francis C. Pope.

Francis Pope worked at Doultons Lambeth from 1880 to 1925, as well as being a freelance designer, working for others. A versatile artist, he produced designs in tubelined and brushlined designs, as well as simple gourd-like shapes, some of these with metallic finishes. His work consisted of both one-off designs which were always signed, and also designs for other artists to produce in quantities; these were often only signed by the ceramic artists that worked on them.

A pair of Royal Doulton Stoneware vases by Francis C Pope - 8049

This pair of square 9.25in (23cm) Royal Doulton vases probably date from the second decade of the 20th century. Together with Leslie Harradine, Pope experimented with vases of shapes other than the traditional round form.
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Francis C Pope - an 11in (27.5cm) Royal Doulton Art Nouveau vase - 365

An Art Nouveau Royal Doulton vase by one of Doulton’s finest Art Nouveau designers, Francis C Pope...
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Francis C Pope - A Royal Doulton 24cm (9.5in) dia bowl – 5

This bowl shows that for Royal Doulton, Art Nouveau does not necessarily rely solely on the use of complementary or contrasting colours...
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Pair of |Royal Doulton Art Deco stoneware vases (probably Francis C Pope)

A stunning pair of 18cm tall Art Deco Royal Doulton stoneware vases signed by Florrie Jones..
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Royal Doulton Art Nouveau stoneware Bessie Newbery vases

This pair of stoneware Royal Doulton Bessie Newbery vases - 8138 - is 26cm tall and was designed by Francis C Pope...
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Francis C Pope - a 9in (22.5cm) three handle Royal Doulton Tyg - 73

A mint condition tyg probably given to celebrate a silver wedding anniversary or 25th birthday...
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Francis C Pope - An exhibition quality Royal Doulton Art Nouveau vase - 367

A simply stunning and important Royal Doulton Art Nouveau 14" (35cm) vase...
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Francis Pope - a spectacular Royal Doulton stoneware beaded vase - 537

This lovely beaded 11.5in (29cm) vase by one of Doulton's foremost designers illustrates the transition from Victorian design to Art Nouveau...
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Royal Doulton Lambeth gourd shaped vase

A 6.75" (17cm) Royal Doulton gourd shaped vase designed and signed by Francis Pope in blue/grey.
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Francis Pope (attributed). A Doulton Lambeth stoneware bowl with claw feet - 393

This 25cm (10in) Doulton Lambeth bowl is certainly decorated by Harriet Hibbut...
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Royal Doulton Art Nouveau vase by Francis C Pope

A 10.5" (26cm) Royal Doulton Art Nouveau vase dating from about 1910...
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