Francis C Pope - A Royal Doulton 24cm (9.5in) dia bowl – 5

Francis C Pope - A Royal Doulton 24cm (9.5in) dia bowl – 5


This bowl shows that for Royal Doulton, Art Nouveau does not necessarily rely solely on the use of complementary or contrasting colours. The blue and green of this bowl produce a harmonious blend of colours that allows fruit or other object to be placed in the bowl without any colour restrictions.

A large Royal Doulton bowl in Art Nouveau style. The bowl is 9.5in (24cm) in diameter, and 5.5in (13.5cm) tall. It is signed in monogram by Francis C Pope, and his assistant, Jane Hurst. It is code dated for 1918.

The vase is in mint condition, with no chips, cracks, crazing, restoration, or significant scratches. There are shrinkage cracks in the clay on the lowest parts of the bowl – see photo No5 by clicking on the button “ZOOM IMAGES” to the left of the screne.

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