Mary Ann Thomson
Doulton Artist

This is a catalogue of work by Doulton artist Mary Ann Thomson.

Mary Ann Thomson worked for Doultons from 1875 to 1890. She worked as an assistant to George Tinworth and also modelled designs of her own. Her speciality was the type of vase that we associate with Mark Marshall and Harry Barnard, sculpted designs in high relief, sometimes with scaly dragons attached.

A 7in (18cm) Doulton Lambeth vase by Hannah Barlow - 768

Hannah Barlow had a ‘blue period’, nearly 30 years before Picasso’s!...
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A 5in (12.5cm) Doulton Lambeth vase by Mary Ann Thomson

This vase has two possible designers. It is signed by Mary Ann Thomson, who was very frequently the assistant to George Tinworth...
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George Tinworth - a pair of Doulton Lambeth vases dated 1876

A very fine pair of 19cm (7.7in) vases by the great man...
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George Tinworth - a Doulton Lambeth beaker with a restored 'friend' - a pair

A pair of fine elaborately decorated Doulton Lambeth 5in (12.5cm) beakers dated 1876 by George Tinworth...
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George Tinworth - a 5" Doulton Lambeth tankard

A mint Doulton Lambeth condition piece by the 'daddy' and founder of the department at Doultons...
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