George Tinworth - a Doulton Lambeth beaker  with a restored

George Tinworth - a Doulton Lambeth beaker with a restored 'friend' - a pair


A pair of fine elaborately decorated Doulton Lambeth 5in (12.5cm) beakers dated 1876 by George Tinworth with hallmarked silver rims. The beakers are decorated with one of Tinworths favorite designs - the seaweed design.

George Tinworth is the 'father' of all decorative stoneware made by Doultons, and as such is probably the most collected Doulton Lambeth designer. These beakers were made for someone specific as they have a monogram as an integral part of the decoration of the silver rims.

Underneath, the beakers have the impressed Doulton Lambeth mark, the date 1876, and the incised monogram of Mary Ann Thompson. Both beakers are signed with the incised monogram of George Tinworth, one just above the base and the other, as shown in the photos. The hallmarked rims have a finely chased pattern, and a monogram of unknown origin.

One beaker is in excellent origin condition with no cracks, chips, crazing or restoration. The other beaker had damage and has had significant professional restoration. Full photographic evidence of the damage and restoration is available for inspection on request. All photos shown on this site are pre-restoration. The restoration is to the naked eye, undetectable.

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