A 7in (18cm) Doulton Lambeth vase by Hannah Barlow - 768

A 7in (18cm) Doulton Lambeth vase by Hannah Barlow - 768


Hannah Barlow had a ‘blue period’, nearly 30 years before Picasso’s! Picasso’s ‘Blue period’ works sell for millions. Surely that makes this one a real ‘once in a life-time’ bargain.

A 7in (18cm) Doulton Lambeth vases with the impressed Doulton Lambeth mark and the date 1876. It is signed in monogram by Hannah Barlow, (and numbered 768), by Frances E Lee (and numbered 112) and by Mary Ann Thomson. The vase weighs 672g.

The vase had a number of small chips around the base rim, and one in the top rim. These have been restored by a professional restorer and are now invisible. The circle of beads around the top shows signs of the removal of surplus material after the blue glaze was applied.

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