Susanna Sanderson
Doulton Assistant Artist

This is a catalogue of work by Doulton assistant artist Susanna Sanderson.

We have examples of decorative work carried out by Susanna Sanderson as an assistant to Eliza Simmance.

Eliza Simmance - a Doulton Lambeth 23cm (9in) jug - 54

A superb Eliza Simmance Doulton Lambeth jug that is lively and different...
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Elizabeth Sayers - a 12.5cm (5in) Doulton Lambeth bucket

It is not often that one sees a Doulton Lambeth bucket...
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A Doulton Lambeth Silicon Ware beaker by Edith Lupton

An elaborate 5" (12.5cm) incised Douton Lambeth Silicon Ware beaker with floral designs...
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Doulton Lambeth Siliconware Eliza Simmance vase with gilt decoration

Doulton Lambeth chine Silicon ware vase with gilt, possibly Moorish decoration...
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