Leslie Harradine
Doulton Artist

This is a back catalogue of work by Doulton artist Leslie Harradine.

Leslie Harradine started at Doultons in 1902 at the age of fifteen. He was a most gifted modeller, shaping numerous figurines, and he brought to Doultons (with Francis C Pope) the concept that vases can have square corners. Some of his political and rustic figures were so popular that they continued to be made until the late 1920s. He did not stay long at Lambeth, leaving in 1908, but he continued to design for them, working freelance until 1915. After the First World War he worked for Doulton Burslem for another thirty years.

Leslie Harradine – A Royal Doulton 12.5cm (5in) vase – H38

This would make the ideal Christmas present for a Doulton collector if it were for sale...
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Leslie Harradine - A pair of Royal Doulton square pots

A pair of square Royal Doulton Art Nouveau pots measuring 3.75" (9cm) wide by 3" (7.5cm) tall...
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A Royal Doulton 3in (7.5cm) tall octagonal pot designed by Leslie Harradine - H20

This is one of Leslie Harradine's designs with which he attempted to deviate from the traditional vase...
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Leslie Harradine - A Royal Doulton stoneware 'thistle' vase

This mint condition 8.5" (21cm) Royal Doulton vase by Leslie Harradine is one of the new shapes...
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Leslie Harradine - A Royal Doulton 19cm (7.75in) figurine of Sairey Gamp – H18

We can say no more of this figurine than appears in Desmond Eyles’ and Louise Irvine’s “The Doulton Lambeth Wares”...
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Leslie Harradine - a 37.5cm (14.5in) electric lamp base

This Royal Doulton lamp epitomises the Art Deco period - a bold colour, with modern lines...
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