Leslie Harradine - A Royal Doulton 19cm (7.75in) figurine of Sairey Gamp – H18

Leslie Harradine - A Royal Doulton 19cm (7.75in) figurine of Sairey Gamp – H18


We can say no more of this figurine than appears in Desmond Eyles’ and Louise Irvine’s “The Doulton Lambeth Wares”. “Leslie Harradine, who joined the Lambeth Studios in 1902, at the age of 15 proved to be an exceptionally gifted modeller. His stoneware figures of Dickens’ characters – Pickwick, Sam Weller, Pecksniff, Squeers, Micawber and Sairey Gamp – were reproduced in both white and brown salt-glaze stoneware and are very sought after today”. Here is an opportunity.

A 7.75in (19cm) tall figurine of the Dickensian figure Sairey Gamp. The figurine has Royal Doulton impressed mark, and the signature in monogram of Leslie Harradine. It is numbered H18 by Leslie Harradine. The figurine weighs 655g.

The figurine is in 100% mint condition. There is some discolouration of the back of the figurine caused by the firing process. There are also small under-glaze firing cracks to the neck, and adjacent to the base of the figure. All defects are shown in the photos.

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