Leslie Harradine - A pair of Royal Doulton square pots

Leslie Harradine - A pair of Royal Doulton square pots


A pair of square Royal Doulton Art Nouveau pots measuring 3.75" (9cm) wide by 3" (7.5cm) tall by one of Doultons greatest designers, with the assistance of one of the finest ceramic artists, Maud Bowden.

The pots date from early in the 20th Century when Leslie Harradine intrduced new shapes to the Doulton range of products. They have the Royal Doulton (restricted area) mark, the monograms of Leslie Harradine and Maud Bowden, and the design number H13.Leslie Harradine started work at Lambeth in 1902, aged 15, and became one of their most imaginative and successful designers. He produced a range of shapes from square, to rectangular, and hexagonal to octagonal.

The pots are in excellent condition. They have no chips, cracks, significant scratches, or restoration. To be fastidious and 100% accurate, one corner of one pot has very slight crazing that is only visible in a strong light.

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