Letitia Rosevear
Doulton Assistant Artist

This is a catalogue of work by Doulton assistant artist Letitia Rosevear.

Letitia Rosevear is listed as a senior assistant at Doulton from circa 1882.

We have examples of decorative work carried out by Letitia Rosevear as an assistant to Christine Abbott.

Two Royal Doulton stoneware Art Nouveau vases by Christine Abbott

Two very similar large Royal Doulton tall (31/32cm) stoneware Art Nouveau vases with tube-lined rose motifs. One also has the impressed 'r' of Letitia Rosevear...
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A 12.5" Royal Doulton Stoneware ewer with floral motifs by Jane Hurst

This magnificent 12.5" (31cm) Royal Doulton Art Nouveau Stoneware ewer by Jane Hurst dates from the early years of the 20th century...
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Royal Doulton Art Nouveau stoneware vase by Florrie Jones - 7822A

A 13 inch (33cm) Royal Doulton tube-lined stoneware vase by Florrie Jones and Letitia Rosevear...
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Two Royal Doulton Art Nouveau stoneware vases

Two very similar 17cm tall Royal Doulton Art Nouveau stoneware vases...
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An 8.25" bowl by Mark V Marshall

A superb Art Nouveau Royal Doulton 8.25" (21cm) bowl by one of the 'grand masters' of Doulton design, produced for The Art Union of London...
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A 7" Royal doulton Stoneware Art Nouveau vase by Bessie Newbery

This 7" (17.5cm) Royal Doulton Stoneware vase dates from about 1912...
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