An 8.25" bowl by Mark V Marshall

An 8.25" bowl by Mark V Marshall


A superb Art Nouveau Royal Doulton 8.25" (21cm) bowl by one of the 'grand masters' of Doulton design, produced for The Art Union of London. The bowl dates from somewhere between 1902 when Doulton became 'Royal' Doulton, and 1912 when Mark Marshall finished at Doultons after 34 years. It comes with a circular black plinth.

The bowl is highly finished, inside and out. Not only is the inside 'marbled' all over, but it has an elaborate border in blue and white to contrast with the browns of the internal marbling. It has the Royal Doulton impressed mark with crown and lion and the series number 5953. It is signed with incised monogram of Mark V Marshall, and the impressed mark of Letitia Rosevear. It also has the impressed 'Art Union of Landon' mark.

The bowl is in superb condition. Except for a few insignificant and almost invisible scratches inside, no doubt caused by using the bowl as a jardiniere, it is in perfect condition - no chips, cracks, crazing or restoration.

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