Harry Simeon
Doulton Artist

This is a catalogue of work by Doulton artist Harry Simeon.

Harry Simeon was a gifted child and won a scholarship to the Royal College of Art in Kensington. After 3 years study there, he joined Doulton at Lambeth. A gifted designer he was responsible for bibelots, Toby jugs, Persian ware, and many wall plaques. Many of his vases designs were used for volume production. He was a great admirer of Mark Marshall, but felt that some of his designs were ‘overcrowded. He worked for Doulton for 40 years (as did so many other designers) from 1896 to 1936.

Harry Simeon - A Royal Doulton 28cm (11.5in) vase – 150

An important work by an important 20th century designer...
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Harry Simeon - a Royal Doulton 23.5cm (9.5in) vase - 495

We are pleased to include in our new collection a couple of Royal Doulton vases by top designers from the 1920/30s...
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A 32cm (12.75in) Royal Doulton Art Nouveau vase by Florrie Jones - 7822A

An imposing 32cm (12.75in) Royal Doulton Art Nouveau vase, probably designed by Harry Simeon...
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A pair of Royal Doulton Art Nouveau stoneware vases – 8104

A mint condition pair of Art Nouveau Royal Doulton 19.5cm (7.75in) stoneware vases designed by Harry Simeon...

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Harry Simeon - an Art Deco Royal Doulton 20cm (8in) vase

A striking Royal Doulton Art Deco vase decorated in the bright contrasting colours characteristic of the period...
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Harry Simeon - A Royal Doulton 6in (15cm) vase - 815

A lovely little vase by one of Doultons leading designers...
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A 15in (38cm) Royal Doulton Art Nouveau vase by Harry Simeon

A large Royal Doulton vase in the best of Art Nouveau traditions...
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