Harry Simeon - a Royal Doulton 23.5cm (9.5in) vase - 495

Harry Simeon - a Royal Doulton 23.5cm (9.5in) vase - 495


We are pleased to include in our new collection a couple of Royal Doulton vases by top designers from the 1920/30s Harry Simeon and Vera Huggins. The brush-lined design of this 28.5cm (9.5in) vase contrasts strongly with the incised decoration of the earlier Doulton Lambeth vases.

The vase is 23.5cm tall just under 9.5in. It is signed in monogram by Harry Simeon and numbered 495 by him. It had the Royal Doulton impressed mark with lion, a mark that was used from 1923 onwards. It is also signed in monogram by Bessie Newbery, who finished at Doultons after over 40 years service in that year. The vase weighs 1028g.

The vase had a small (fleabite size) chip to the base rim of the vase. This has been professionally restored. Apart from this there were no chips cracks, crazing restorations or significant scratches.

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