Emily J Edwards
Doulton Artist

This is a catalogue of work by Doulton artist Emily J Edwards.

Emily J Edwards was one of the earliest female designers at Doultons, joining in 1871. Regrettable she died at an early age, having left Doultons in 1876. For this reason, her works are relatively rare. As her sister, Catherine, was married to John Sparkes of the Lambeth School of Art, the breeding ground for many of Doulton’s best designers, Emily was well placed in the organisation.

A Doulton Lambeth tea pot by Emily J Edwards

This charming little tea pot, by one of George Tinworth’s earliest protégées, Emily Edwards...
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Emily Edwards - an 8.5in (21cm) Doulton Lambeth ewer

A very early Doulton Lambeth 8.5in (21cm) ewer by one of the rarest of the first group of Doulton’s top class designers – Emily Edwards...
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Emily J Edwards - a pair of Doulton Lambeth 7.25in (18cm) candlesticks

Stylistically, in the timescale of Doulton stoneware, these candlesticks are very early...
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A 6.5" Doulton Lambeth Jug by Emily J Edwards

This pretty incised jug is a very early Doulton Lambeth item...
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