Emma Martin
Doulton Assistant Artist

This is a catalogue of work by Doulton artist Harriot Hibbutt.

We have examples of decorative work carried out by Emma Martin as an assistant to Edith Kemp, Edith Jupton, Mark Marshall and also William Parker.

William Parker - a 7.25in (18cm) Doulton Lambeth tyg with silver rim - 261

A tyg, highly collectible, and with a solid silver rim! Designed by one of Doulton's leading designers...
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Doulton Lambeth 13" vase by Hannah Barlow

A superb medium/large example of the work of the finest of the three sisters...
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Edith Kemp - a Doulton Lambeth silver (plate) rimmed mug from 1880 - D1496

A mint condition Doulton Lambeth 5in (12.5cm) elaborately decorated mug with silver plated rim...
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Edith Lupton - a 10.25in (26cm) Doulton Lambeth vase by Edith Lupton - 438

A Doulton Lambeth vase with a flowing shape and flowing designs on it...
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