Agnete Hoy
Doulton Artist

This is a catalogue of work by Doulton artist Arthur Barlow.

Agnete Hoy worked for Doulton in the 1950s. Her job was to revitalise the decorative side of Doulton’s output, which had been reduced to a trickle in the war. From the beginning of the war to 1950, all output was exported, but in 1950 decorative items were released again for the home market. Much of her output was what would now be called ‘studio pottery’. She finished at Doultons in 1956 when the kilns were closed for Health and Safety reasons.

Agnete Hoy (attributed) - a Royal Doulton stoneware bowl – 7SAR

This 12cm dia (4.5in) bowl, marked Doulton Lambeth, is outside our normal period of 1870-1935...
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