Agnete Hoy (attributed) - a Royal Doulton stoneware bowl – 7SAR

Agnete Hoy (attributed) - a Royal Doulton stoneware bowl – 7SAR


This 12cm dia (4.5in) bowl, marked Doulton Lambeth, is outside our normal period of 1870-1935, but it is an irresistible piece of Doulton from a different era. It is functional in the extreme, being suitable as anything from a slop basin to a dish for the finest Belgian chocolates!

The bowl has the impressed Doulton Lambeth mark, a Roman 2 and the lettering 7SAR. Attribution to Agnete Hoy is on the basis of the colour, which was frequently used by Agnete Hoy, and an illustration on the bottom left of p240 of ‘The Doulton Lambeth Wares’ by Desmond Eyles and Louise Irvine. The bowl weighs 313g.

The bowl is in mint condition with no chips cracks, crazing, restoration or significant scratches.

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