William Rowe
Doulton Artist

This is a catalogue of work by Doulton artist William Rowe.

William Rowe worked at Doultons for 57 years, and even after that was consulted by other artists. He was responsible for the Ceramic Tile decoration of many public buildings and produced the largest panel of ceramic tiles ever to originate from Doultons. Many of the shapes and designs that were mass produced at Doultons were his designs. As a result of his numerous other activities, his signed works are relatively rare.

William Rowe - a Royal Doulton stoneware vase – 245

William Rowe was an innovative designer, and this Royal Doulton 23cm (9in) vase could be considered to be “ahead of its time”...

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William Rowe- an Art Deco 31.5cm (12.5in) Royal Doulton vase - 529

A lovely Royal Doulton vase from the Art Deco period...
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An 8.75" Art Deco Royal Doulton vase by William Rowe

A mint condition early Art Deco Royal Doulton 8.75" (22cm) vase designed by William Rowe...
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