A 6.5in (16cm) Royal Doulton vase by Minnie Webb - 8690

A 6.5in (16cm) Royal Doulton vase by Minnie Webb - 8690


A rare event for Doulton. A Royal Doulton vase from the late 1920s/1930s with an animal subject. As a change from flowers and trees, this vase has a caricatured cockatoo. The name of the designer is unknown, but the ceramic artists that made it were Minnie Webb and Ada Tosen.

This charming and semi-humorous 6.5" vase has the impressed Royal Doulton mark with lion, dating it to post-1922. It also has the incised monograms of Minnie Webb and Ada Tosen and the series number 8690. The pattern on the vase repeats, front and back. The vase weighs 706g.

The vase is in excellent condition. One 'fleabite' chip to the base rim has been invisibly restored, but apart from that, there are no chips, cracks, crazing, restorations or significant scratches.

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