Doulton Lambeth ewer by Frank A Butler

Doulton Lambeth ewer by Frank A Butler


A 9.5" ewer by Frank A Butler, probably made shortly after he joined Doultons in 1872. A brilliantly fluent work showing the emerging genius to come, and a 'must' for any avid Frank A Butler collector. Please note that the body colour of the ewer is a cream colour and not the pinkish cream displayed.

This vase has the backstamp that was used until 1872, the year that Frank A Butler joined Doultons, and his monogram. Butler was very deaf and nearly dumb, and worked at Doultons for about 40 years. This ewer is simple and fluent in both its shape and decoration. Look at the confidence of the lines of the vertical leaves, and the intricacy of the convoluted leaf patterns on each side! These show the creative genius that was to make his work so admired by both Queen Victoria and Gladstone.

The ewer is in very good condition for its age. The is a fleabite (large flea?) measuring 4mmx3mm on the base rim, and a certain unevenness to the top rim that indicates possible restoration. These matters can be rectified, if the purchaser so wishes - at his/her expense. We prefer to offer this historic piece in its untouched state.

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