A sweet little Doulton Lambeth pot from the 1880s

A sweet little Doulton Lambeth pot from the 1880s


This pretty little Doulton Lambeth pot is a rarity. Measuring only 2.25" tall and 2.75" in diameter, it does not seem to fit into any of the normal catagories. It could well be an experimental piece.

The vase has the impressed Doulton Rosette, without the word 'England' underneath, dating the pot to pre-1891. It also has the monograms of Lydia Greig and Ada Lilly, both of whom worked at Doultons in the 1880s. The style is very uncharacteristic for Doulton with a somewhat Chinoiserie look.

The pot is is excellent condition for its age. Even the finest gilding lines are nearly totally intact. There are no chips, cracks, restorations, crazing or significant scratches. The is a roughness, restricted to the bottom of the bowl on the inside, where kiln grit has settled on the glaze.

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