A stunning Royal Doulton lidded pot by Vera Huggins

A stunning Royal Doulton lidded pot by Vera Huggins


This is Vera Huggins at her best. The 9" diameter pot combines her love of earthy designs with the ostentatious nature with a high gloss glaze. The exuberance of the lush leaves and fruit is unrestrained on both pot and lid.

The pot and lid are 9" in dameter, and 7.5" tall. The pot has the impressed Royal Doulton mark with lion and the monogram of Vera Huggins. It also has the monogram of Vera Huggins' assistant Jane Hurst. The floral pattern is repeated four times around the pot. =The vase also has a date mark for 1924 (y), and Vera Huggins design number 31. As Vera Huggins started at Doulton in 1923, this can be certainly be categorised as an early work.

The pot and lid are in mint condition, with no chips, cracks, crazing restoration or scratches.

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