A superb item of Doulton Lambeth Silicon ware of unknown usage

A superb item of Doulton Lambeth Silicon ware of unknown usage


A 7.5" tall exceptional quality item of Doulton Silicon ware dating from pre-1891. This appears to be the holder for a lamp. There are two slots in the vertical support that supply ventilation through a hole in the bottom of the bowl.

The usage of this item is not certain. That, for a Doulton siliconware product, it is of the highest quality, is beyond doubt. Marks inside the bowl suggest that it has been used as a stand for a plant pot.

There is a Doulton Silicon Lambeth impressed mark underneath, without the word 'ENGLAND' underneath, dating it to 1891 or earlier. There are two assistants' marks, 'a' and 'W', probably for Louisa Ayling and Louisa Wakeley.

It is, generally, in excellent condition. To be fastidious about the condition, there are some small firing cracks (see zoomed photo No1) in the blue circles around the top, and there is the very occasional missing micro-mosaic tile missing. The overall appearance is one of perfection, and it is only under close study that any problem can be detected.

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