A Lovely brushline Royal Doulton bowl by Joan Honey

A Lovely brushline Royal Doulton bowl by Joan Honey


A 9" (22.5cm) Royal Doulton bowl with Art Nouveau brushlined decoration of green leaves and diagramatic tree patterns.

The bowl has free and relaxed brushline decoration in shapes and colours that are characteristic of the 1930s. It has the impressed Royal Doulton mark with lion, the series number 8356 and the monogram 'JH' which is very probably Joan Honey. The bowl is illustrated on p221 of the 'bible' on Doulton Lambeth, 'The Doulton Lambeth Wares', by Desmond Eyles and Louise Irvine.

The bowl is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks crazing or restoration. One very small area of the outside has glazing with an orange-peel effect, and the inside has small scratches where a plant pot has been stood in the bowl. Neither detract from the attractiveness of the bowl.

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