A 10" salad bowl with servers by Florence Barlow

A 10" salad bowl with servers by Florence Barlow


An early 10" (25cm) Doulton Lambeth bowl with solid silver servers by the Barlow sister (Florence) that later became renowned for her depection of birds. This work is typical of Doultons output in the 1870s.

The vase has the Doulton Lambeth mark with the date 1879, the mongram of Florence Barlow, and her opus number (361), and the monogram of Elizabeth Atkins, Florence Barlow's assistant. The rim is hallmarked silver. The servers are not marked with the Doulton Lambeth mark or any monogram, but are probably by the same hand. The solid silver servers were made by Jehoiada Alsop Rhodes & Barber and have a Sheffield date (1880) and hallmark.

The bowl is in excellent condition, with no chips, cracks, crazing, restoration, or even significant scratches. One server has been reglued where the handle has broken. The break is only noticeable under very close inspection. There is some very minor pitting of the silverwork.

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