Royal Doulton foliage ware vase by Maud Bowden

Royal Doulton foliage ware vase by Maud Bowden


A mint condition Royal Doulton foliage ware 7" vase by one of the finest ceramic artists of the early 20th century - Maud Bowden.

Most of the Doulton natural foliage ware was produced between 1884 and 1914. As this example has the Royal doulton impressed mark with crown and lion, a manufacturing date of 1902-1914 is likely. It was still made, however, until the 1950s. This example has a 'two faced' design, with oak on one side and some other leaf on the other. It is signed with the incised monogram of Maud Bowden.

The vase is in mint condition. It has no cracks, chips, restoration, crazing or even scratches.

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