A 12.25" Doulton Lambeth vase by Florence Barlow

A 12.25" Doulton Lambeth vase by Florence Barlow


This lovely Doulton Lambeth 12.25" (31cm) vase was made between 1892, when adding the word 'England' to the manufacturers mark, became mandatory, and 1902 when 'Doulton' marks became 'Royal Doulton' marks. To Doulton collectors the name Barlow needs no introduction.

This vase, as a product of the 1890s, was innovative. Gone are the copious details both applied and incised, that adorned the typical Victorian ceramics. In place of these are, a simple high-gloss neck design in two colours, and the rest of the vase being in a mottled restful fawn colour, with the additio of a simple bird design. The vase has the Doulton Lambeth mark, the incised monogram of Florence Barlow, and her opus number 798. Also incised underneath is the monogram of Florence Barlow's assistant, Jane Hurst. Florence Barlow, her sisters, Hannah and Lucy, and her brother Arthur, dominated the early production of Doulton's decorative work.

The vase is in excellent condition, with no cracks, chips, crazing or restoration. A small area to the rear of the vase has had what was probably kiln grit attached. This has been removed by grinding it off.

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