Royal Doulton Art Nouveau vase by Christine Abbott - 5825

Royal Doulton Art Nouveau vase by Christine Abbott - 5825


This lovely 8" (20cm) Art Nouveau vase by Christine Abbott is in excellent condition. Designed in the first few years of the 20th century, it epitomises the break of the Art Nouveau Movement from the rigorous disciplines and patterns of the Victorian era.

This vase is illustrated on page 198 of Desmond Eyles' 'The Doulton Lambeth Wares' and has an ascribed date of about 1905. It has the impressed Doulton Lambeth mark with crown and lion and the series number 5825 underneath, together with the incised monogram of Christine Abbott. The vase weighs 993g.

Apart from the restoration of two 'bubbles', where trapped air has escaped during firing, the vase is in 100% mint condition, with no chips, cracks, crazing or other restorations. The manufacturing defects consist of a small white 'bobble' (2-3 mm) of clay on top of the rim, and a small (approx 3mm) dent under the rim. These do not detract from the vase.

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