A Royal Doulton stoneware vase by Florence C Roberts

A Royal Doulton stoneware vase by Florence C Roberts


A beautiful royal blue baluster stoneware Royal Doulton 6.5" (17cm) vase signed by both designer Florence C Roberts, and ceramic artist, Jane Hurst.

This lovely vase has the impressed Doulton Lambeth mark with crown and lion, the incised signatures of designer and artist, and the series number 7412. It dates from the period in the 1920s when tubelining returned to favour after a period when brush-lining dominated. Florence Roberts finished at Doultons in 1930 after 51 years of service!

The vase is in excellent condition, with no chips, cracks, crazing or restoration. For the most fastidious, there are a few small insignificant scratches, and a few very small areas where the glaze has an 'orange peel' effect. Neither of these detract from the beauty of the vase, and can only be seen on very close inspection.

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