A large Doulton Lambeth lemonade jug by Elizabeth Atkins

A large Doulton Lambeth lemonade jug by Elizabeth Atkins


The Doulton Lambeth stoneware jug by Elizabeth Atkins is an early product with typical applied rosettes, and colours so frequently used in the period.

This jug has all the hallmarks of the period when it was made. The brown base colour is reminiscent of George Tinworth's early output. The host of rosettes is also evocative. This however is an 'everyday' item and not a decorative extravaganza. It has the incised monogram of Edith Atkins, and a dated (1876) Doulton Lambeth mark.

The jug is in excellent condition overall, but has a chip in the rim, which will be restored. Apart from this small fleabite, nibble or chip, whichever you call it (see photos), the jug is in totally original condition, without cracks, crazing, restoration or significant scratches.

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