A pair of Doulton Lambeth Siliconware vases by Eliza Simmance

A pair of Doulton Lambeth Siliconware vases by Eliza Simmance


An elaborate pair of Doulton Lambeth Siliconware 7" (17.5cm) vases by Eliza Simmance, each with three panels of floral decoration.

A matched pair of 7" Doulton Lambeth Siliconware vases by the lady who, after the era of the Barlow sisters, can be considered to have been the leading Doulton Lambeth lady designer. The vases both have the Doulton Lambeth Mark with the date of 1884, the monogram of Eliza Simmance, and her opus number 532. They also, each have two more unidentified monograms 'MG' and 'SL'. For many further examples of similar works by Eliza Simmance, see "The Doulton Lambeth Wares" by Desmond Eyles and Louise Irvine, pages 166-171.

The ouside of the vases are in matt colurs, but the inside of the neck is covered with a gloss glaze.

Apart from a piece that has broken off the base of one of the vases, and then been refixed, they are in excellent condition. There are no other chips, no cracks, no crazing and no other restoration. The damage, prior to restoration can be seen in photo No4. It is now undectectable by the naked eye.

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