A Pair of Doulton Lambeth Silicon Ware vases

A Pair of Doulton Lambeth Silicon Ware vases


A pair of 8" (20cm) Doulton Lambeth Silicon Ware vases with mosaic and 'cracked ice' decoration dating from before 1891. There is a possibility that they were the Work of Eliza Simmance - see the full details.

The vases are somewhat of a mystery. One vase has an incised 'S' with serifs that is indistinguishable for the 'S' in the 'ES' monogram of Eliza Simmance: it is under the first '8' in photo No4. Also, reference to the Doulton 'bible', Desmond Eyles' The Doulton Lambeth Wares, (pp166-169), shows no 'cracked ice' decoration by anyone other than Eliza Simmance.

The vases have the impressed Doulton Lambeth Silicon ware mark, without the word 'England', dating the vases to prior to 1891. Also what appears to be a series mark X2688.

The vases appear to be in excellent condition, without any visible cracks, chips, or crazing. But were bought with the comment that there had been professional restoration to the tops of the vases. Inspection under UV light has not revealed the nature of this restoration.

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