An Art Nouveau Royal Doulton vase by Maud Bowden

An Art Nouveau Royal Doulton vase by Maud Bowden


A lovely 9.5" (23.5cm) tubelined Royal Doulton vase by Maud Bowden with leaf and flower decoration dating from about 1935. The vase has a combination of matt and gloss glazes.

This bold medium/large vase is illustrated on page 221 of Desmond Eyles' 'The Doulton lambeth Wares' on a Doulton publicity leaflet daing from 1935. The price of 15/9d contrasts with other vase prices from 3/9d upwards, and is the most expensive vase on the page!

Maud Bowden, the ceramic artist, worked for Doultons from 1903-1937, a total of 34 years. The vase shows a variety of skills in terms of plain, mottled and speckled glazes, some gloss and some matt.

The vase has the impressed Doulton Mark with Crown and Lion, the series number X8786, and the incised monogram of Maud Bowden.

The vase is in perfect condition, with no chips cracks, crazing, restoration or even scratches.

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