A pair of striking Royal Doulton Vases by Florrie Jones

A pair of striking Royal Doulton Vases by Florrie Jones


A pair of Art Deco 8" (20cm) tubelined Royal Doulton vases with floral motifs by one of Doulton's leading ceramic artists from the first quarter of the 20th century - Florrie Jones.

This lovely pair of Art Deco Royal Doulton vases shows the boldness of design that later on, in the 1930s, developed into the diagramatic designs of such artists as Clarice Cliff. There is no apology for the boldness of the shapes. They both have the impressed Doulton Mark with crown and lion, and the incised monogram of Florrie Jones.

They are in excellent condition, with no chips, cracks, crazing or restoration. For the most fastidious, there is a small (3mm) length of tubelining that has no glaze on the top of it. As there is no loss of tubelining, it would appear to be a manufacturing issue, rather than damage.

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