An avant garde Royal Doulton vase by Bessie Newbery

An avant garde Royal Doulton vase by Bessie Newbery


A delightful Art Deco 7.25" (18cm) Royal Doulton vase by Bessie Newbery with abstract designs (whacky?).

This appears to be a leading ceramic artist having fun! It is suggested that Bessie Newbery did her own designs, and this one appears to bear no relation to any other Royal Doulton design: it is quite straightforwardly, someone having fun! Bessie Newbery was a leading ceramic artist with Doulton for about 42 years. After that time who would not want to do something different. The vase has the impressed Doulton Mark with crown and lion, and the incised monogram of Bessie Newbery.

The vase is totally, "as made", with no chips, cracks, crazing or restoration. The only way to fault it is that it has a few bubbles in the thick drip glaze, caused during firing.

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