An Art Deco Royal Doulton Vase by Jane Hurst

An Art Deco Royal Doulton Vase by Jane Hurst


An Art Deco 9.25" (23cm) Royal Doulton vase with swirling bands of blue and brown and stylised green lotus flowers by Jane Hurst.

This vase, probably dating from the 1920s echoes an earlier style. In the early 1900s Doulton produced a series of items, vases of differing shapes, jardinieres, and bowls, with the same colours as this vase. An example is vase 7760F by Bessie Newbery in the section of Doulton items from 1902-1920. This large vase has the same colours, but with a flamboyant swirling motion and flowers.

The vase has the series mark 7739, the impressed Doulton Mark with Crown amd Lion and the incised monogram of Jane Hurst.

The vase is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, crazing or restoration. It is 'as made'.

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