A Royal Doulton Tyg with silver plated rim

A Royal Doulton Tyg with silver plated rim


A 6" tall three handled Tyg from the early 20th Century with leaf decoration made for Mappin & Webb. The style does not fit the date of manufacture. It is a true 'retro' piece.

The Tyg really belongs in the 1920-1930 group of Doulton wares, but the design and execution of the item is so much in the ambience of the late 19th Century that we have placed it with other Doulton Lambeth wares made in the period up to 1902. The Tyg has the impressed Doulton Mark with Crown and Lion, dating it to after 1902, the design number 6677, and the incised monogram of an artist 'BW'.

The Tyg is in excellent condition and has no chips, cracks, crazing or restorations. Its only fault is that the plating on the rim has worn away in places. The marking of the rim shows that it was made for Mappin and Webb.

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