Superb pair of Royal Doulton Ewers by Eliza Simmance

Superb pair of Royal Doulton Ewers by Eliza Simmance


A superb pair of 8" (20cm) Royal Doulton Ewers designed by Eliza Simmance and made for the Art Union of London. The assistant to Eliza Simmance was in this case, Florrie Jones.

These charming ewers have the Royal Doulton Circle mark with crown and Lion and design number 4468 impressed underneath. It also has the incised monograms of Eliza Simmance and Florrie Jones, and Eliza Simmance's personal design number 939. The words 'Art Union of London' are impressed underneath.

The tubelined decoration is of the finest. The pink flower is highlighted against its blue surround, the paleness of the pink contrasting with the darkness of the blue and the neutrality of the ground colour of the main body of the ewer.

The ewers are in mint condition, with no chips, cracks, crazing or restoration.

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