Royal Doulton Art Nouveau stoneware vase by Jane Hurst

Royal Doulton Art Nouveau stoneware vase by Jane Hurst


A Royal Doulton Art Nouveau stoneware vase 20cm tall with rose motifs in popular Art Nouveau colours. Made by one of the leading ceramic artists of the early 20th century - Jane Hurst.

It is hard to tell the age of floral tube-lined vases as they were made in quantity in both the first and third decades of the 20th Century. This one, by Jane Hurst, appears to have more association with those shown on page 217 of Desmond Eyles' 'The Doulton Lambeth Wares' at the bottom left, than with the cloisonne style vases higher up the page. It therefore probably dates from about 1905. Another indication is the backstamp, in this case the Doulton Circle mark with Crown and Lion: after 1922 most vases had the backstamp without the Crown.

The vase is in perfect condition with no cracks, crazing, or restoration except that it has a small chip to the base - see photo.

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