Pair of globular Royal Doulton stoneware vases

Pair of globular Royal Doulton stoneware vases


A pair of Royal Doulton 6" (15cm)stoneware vases by one of Doulton's top designers, signed by Margaret E Thompson, and one of Doulton's finest ceramic artists, Bessie Newbery, 2608.

This delightful pair of 15cm high by 15cm diameter vases are the work of two of Doulton's finest artists. Margaret E Thompson was one of Doulton's foremost designers. She started specialising in panels and vases with figurative subjects, but later turned her attention to the more 'household' products. Bessie Newbery was a ceramic artist who worked with all the top designers over a long period. Both vases have the impressed Doulton Circle mark with Crown and Lion, and are both signed in monogram by both designer and ceramic artist. The design is illustrated on page 217 of Desmond Eyles' 'The Doulton Lambeth Wares'; it formed part of the Doulton 'New Style' range of vases launched in 1912.

Both vases are in perfect condition, with no cracks, chips, crazing or restoration.

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