Maud Bowden Royal Doulton Art Deco stoneware vase

Maud Bowden Royal Doulton Art Deco stoneware vase


A 20cm Royal Doulton stoneware vase with floral panels, (design 7943) by Maud Bowden, one of Doulton's leading ceramic artists.

This vase is one of the patterns that were launched in about 1912 as Doulton's 'New Style' vases. The vase shows the more brutal angular shapes of the Art Deco period. It has the impressed Doulton Circle Mark with Crown and Lion underneath, and Maud Bowden's monogram. Maud Bowden was one of the many long-serving employees of Doulton, working from about 1903 to 1937. This vase is illustrated on page 217 of Desmond Eyles' 'The Doulton Lambeth Wares'.

The vase is in perfect original condition, but, as can be seen in the photo, there are some very small areas where the black drip-glaze has not covered the stoneware.

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