Lily Partington Royal Doulton Art Nouveau stoneware vase

Lily Partington Royal Doulton Art Nouveau stoneware vase


This Royal Doulton stoneware Art Nouveau vase - X8721Y - by one of Doulton's leading ceramic artists, Lily Partington, has tube-lined fruit motifs and is 23 cm (11in) tall.

The vase has the impressed Doulton Circle mark with Lion that started use in 1922, and the monogram of Lily Partington. The shape is illustrated on page 221 (shape Y) of Desmond Eyles' 'The Doulton Lambeth Wares', dating the vase to about 1935. It is interesting to note the return to Art Nouveau styles in the middle of the Art Deco period. Emily and Lily Partington who may well have been mother and daughter, were two of the most prolfic and successful ceramic artists at Doultons.

The vase is in perfect condition, except for one small chip in the glaze at the base where it has overrun the vase. This can be seen at the extreme right of the photo of the base. There is no chip to the stoneware underneath.

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