Vera Huggins - a pair of 4in (10cm) Royal Doulton vases

Vera Huggins - a pair of 4in (10cm) Royal Doulton vases


A delightful pair of little vases by the lady who was to have such an influence on Doulton’s designs of the 1920s and 1930s

The pair of 4.25in (10.5cm) Royal Doulton vases have the impressed Royal Doulton mark with lion. Both and signed by Vera Huggins and numbered 2873. One is also signed by Vera Huggins’ assistant Florrie Jones, but the other is signed by Winnie Bowstead as well as Vera Huggins. The vases weigh a total of 1134g.

The vases are in mint condition with no restoration.There is a 5mm blemish in the glaze to the shoulder of one vase. This has been caused by some kiln grit falling on the vase in the kiln before firing. Please see the photos.

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