Mark Marshall - a 10.5in (26cm) Royal Doulton vase - 207

Mark Marshall - a 10.5in (26cm) Royal Doulton vase - 207


This is the epitome of Art Nouveau design, and is reminiscent of such names as Alphonse Mucha, or Erté. The shape, the patterns and the colours are all so evocative of the period of exuberance before the First World war when Britain slid blindly into a tragic conflict.

The 10.5in (26cm) Royal Doulton vase has the impressed Royal Doulton mark with crown and lion. It is signed in monogram by Mark Marshall, code-dated (f) for 1905, and numbered 207. It is also signed in monogram by Mark Marshall’s assistant – Nelly Garbutt. The vase weighs 976g.

There is small chip to the top rim has been professionally and invisibly repaired. There are also numerous bubbles in the glaze around the base rim – see photo. =These do not show when the vase is displayed.

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