A 9in (22.5cm) Doulton Lambeth ewer designed by Mark Marshall -367

A 9in (22.5cm) Doulton Lambeth ewer designed by Mark Marshall -367


A fascinating personalised Doulton Lambeth item in subtle shades of grey (but not quite 50 of them!) by one of Doultonís great master of design, in perfect condition, and just as the maestro made it. The vase is likely to have been a presentation piece for someone, as it had an incised monogram on the main body of the ewer under the spout.

The 9in (22.5cm) Royal Doulton ewer, has the impressed Royal Doulton mark with crown and lion. It is signed by Mark Marshall and his assistant Jane Hurst, and numbered 367. The ewer weighs 921g.

Not a defect as much as an addition. The ewer is incised with someoneís initial at the front below the spout which can be seen in the photo.

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