Hannah Barlow - A 16in (40cm) Doulton Lambeth vase - 153

Hannah Barlow - A 16in (40cm) Doulton Lambeth vase - 153


If a long neck is a considered to be a sign of beauty, then this is a very beautiful vase! Hannah Barlow is reputed to have not liked including figures in her sgraffito work, but here we have a milk maid on a bridge guarding both cows and horses.

The 16in (40cm) vase, weighing 1750g, has the impressed Royal Doulton mark with crown and lion and the impressed letter g, a coded date for 1906. It is signed in monogram by Hannah Barlow and numbered 153 by her. It is also signed in monogram by Florence C Roberts and Emily Partington.

There are small spots in the surface of the sgraffito layer where bubbles under the thin coat of clay have burst in the kiln. These have been re-coloured and the vase re-fired. It would be fair to say that the vase is as it left the Doulton Factory.

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